The revolutionized AFO


The XTERN AFO has revolutionized the design of the traditional AFO.  It is a foot drop brace that is external to the shoe. It doesn't contact the skin of the foot or ankle so it wont rub you the wrong way!  It won't take up space in your shoe so there's no need to buy larger or extra pairs of shoes.  It can fit most footwear including sneakers, dress shoes, work boots and even sandals!  Get back to walking, working, hiking... Get back to life as you know it!

Get Your Life Back!

Features and Benefits

  • Exoskeleton design fits onto the outside of the shoe
  • No skin contact with foot or ankle
  • Energy return due to patented design
  • Easily conforms to uneven ground and slopes
  • Highly durable thermoplastic (2-year warranty)

  • Heat Adjustable (to change width and dorsiflexion strength)
  • 100% transferable from shoe to shoe
  • Symmetrical design. Fits either Right or Left foot
  • Easily positioned to invert or evert the foot if required

Clinical Indications

Drop Foot & Dorsiflexion weakness

Peroneal nerve injury

Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT)

Stroke (CVA)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Motor Neuropathy

Motor Neuron Disease (MND)

Other diagnoses resulting in foot drop

Maximizing Functionality & Comfort

Unlike many other AFO’s, the XTERN still provides ankle support and stabilization and neither prevents ankle plantarflexionnor limits dorsiflexion. The XTERN makes activities easier and much more comfortable for patients to walk and run on slopes, stairs and uneven surfaces.

Used With Many Types of Footwear:

  • Trainers/Running Shoes
  • Lace and Velcro-fastening Shoes/Boots
  • Walking Shoes/Boots
  • Safety Work Boots/Shoes
  • Dress Shoes
  • Sandals
  • And More

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