In 2001, Mr. François Côté suffered several injuries during a snowmobile accident. Despite several months of rehabilitation, his injuries resulted in a condition called “foot drop.” 

“Foot drop” (or weakness of the foot dorsiflexors) refers to a pathology that prevents people with this condition from properly lifting their feet and toes as they walk. 
Walking then requires much effort and concentration and consequently becomes, over time, uncomfortable and exhausting. Living with many of these disadvantages, François developed a revolutionary orthosis that would give him better mobility, a better quality of life, and allow him to maintain an active lifestyle to include his favorite sport, running.

designed several orthoses in his garage that he tested himself during several races (half marathons, marathons). Twenty-eight (28) AFO prototypes were created and tested before arriving at the FS3000 and now the most updated version of the FS3000, the XTERN AFO.

In 2017, PhysioTech became a distributor of the TurboMed products to help all patients afflicted with Foot Drop in the United States. To date, we've provided thousands of patients across the U.S. with the Xtern AFO.  We help you obtain insurance coverage and handle the insurance paperwork so you don't have to!

We've created as a helpful resource for patients in the United States. was established to SERVE YOU and make the process of obtaining the Xtern AFO EASY FOR YOU! Please contact us today so that our helpful representatives may assist you with obtaining this outstanding product!

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